Our joy knows no bounds to inform you that since last 27th years, Excellent CBSE and CET coaching center has been conducting tuition classes for various students of different classes. It is managed by Prof. Nagaraj S. Tigadi with the help of his friends and family members. It is fully operational, preparing thousands of students across the nation for the X, XI and XII CBSE, IIT-JEE, K-CET, COMED-K, AIEEE, AIIMS, AIPMT and other entrance exams.The efficacy of the students and teachers and co-operation of the parents and guardians have brought laurels to our institution. We are proud to say that we have brought a new ray of hope and installed a tint of courage and confidence in the heads and hearts of many students. .


9th-STATE,Jnv,kv AND other CBSE school BATCH cbse || Commences from 7th April 2024 to 16th May 2024

10th STATE BATCH|| Commences from 2nd APRIL 2024 to 16th MAY 2024

PUC – II STATE SCIENCE || Commences from 05th March 2024 to 18th May 2024

X-CBSE SCHOOLS Private Schools || Commences from 7th April 2024 to 22nd May 2024

X-CBSE (KV and CBSE OTHER SCHOOLS) || Commences from 6th May 2024 to 16th June 2024

XII - KV BATCH || Commences from 5th May 2024 to 23rd June 2024

X-JNV BATCH || Commences from 5th MAY 2024 to 16th June 2024

XII-jnv batch || Commences from 5th May 2024 to 23rd JUNE 2024

CET – I Batch || Commences from 21st March 2024 to 16th April 2024

Neet + CET II BATCH || Commences from 21st MARCH 2024 to 1st May 2024